How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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July 23, 2018

Introducing Solo Episodes and the Power of Authentic Connection with Anna Rova

About This Episode

Introducing Solo episodes on Girlskill Podcast by Anna Rova!

There are no guests here, no fancy intros, no walls. It is just you and me for 30 minutes or more every so often, talking about femininity, relationship struggles, business, and life. There is so much I want to share with you all, and regular episodes feel too tight for Anna Rova rambles 😉

Here is what you can expect from these solo shows: my journey to making my first $1,000 on Girlskill, my experience in leading women to discover their femininity, fears, and struggles in my marriage, my understanding of the feminine/masculine polarity and how that understanding has changed my life. I want to share how I feel about my husband being the primary provider, how I don’t want to be the strong, masculine, alpha-female that the world seems to love, because I’m f*cking done with that.

“There are plenty of podcasts that talk about being an alpha-female, but I’m f*cking done with that–that isn’t me.”

In this trailer, I talk about the crazy amount of time we spend wearing our masks. We put on the “face” that we think the world wants to see, but aren’t you f*cking exhausted? Don’t you ever long to just be yourself? I do. I don’t want superficial Facebook posts and fake smiles on Instagram. I want real connection, real commitment, real experiences. I want vulnerability. I want to hide from nothing because it is so much easier just to be me. So that is what I am giving you. The raw, real ME in hopes that we open up an honest conversation and create a space where you and be YOU too.

“Every time I open Instagram, I drown in the ocean of pretty pictures–it became so inauthentic to me, so false–I stopped scrolling altogether.”

Would love to hear back from you and as usual, a rating and review would be highly appreciated! Let’s go!

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Sign up for the newly released training on “The Lie of Female Success & How It’s Keeping You Stuck, Unfulfilled & Drained.”
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