How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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August 24, 2020

#162 | Exploring Your Pleasure Capacity & Living a Pleasurable Life with Bonnie Bliss

About This Episode

“Recently named by Body+Soul Magazine as one of 10 Australian female ‘Changemakers – changing the game in the wellness field’, Bonnie Bliss is a Somatic Sexologist, pleasure educator & women’s pelvic wellness coach. She has spent the last decade supporting thousands of women all over the world to discover the incredible world within their bodies.

Her background is in private client work, having completed over 10,000 hours with 1:1 clients in person. She also has a passion for group work and has led many retreats and workshops both in Australia and internationally.

Obsessed with the power of pleasure to support our nervous systems, let go of stress, release shame and feel more deliciously alive in all areas of life, Bonnie is also the founder of Yoni Club, a 3 month online women’s sexual wellness training that almost 1000 women all over the world have taken part in. She currently resides in Melbourne.”

“There is so much we can explore in terms of pleasure and sensitivity in the body that doesn’t involve someone else.”

Join us for a juicy and enlightening conversation about different forms of pleasure that women can experience and should feel encouraged to experiment with by themselves or with a partner and learn how you can increase your pleasure potential that will affect all aspects of your life. Here is what we to talk to Bonnie about:

  • How has her journey in search of pleasure started
  • What does a sexually fulfilling relationship mean and how to achieve it
  • Do you know what your vagina feels like? Do you feel what your vagina feels?
  • Why building a more intimate relationship with your vagina crystallizes relationship with self
  • What can you do on a daily basis to bring more pleasure in your life
  • Do you really need a partner to access more satisfactory pleasure?
  • And a lot more…


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