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February 20, 2020

#141 | How Men Experience Guilt & Shame Around Sexuality with Brett Christensen

About This Episode

“Brett Christensen is a sexuality and relationship coach, Tantrika, and Somatic Sexual Healing Practitioner. Born and raised in Australia, Brett has spent more than five years traveling the world, learning from the best of the best in Tantra, Shamanism and kink worlds. As part of this experience, he has also been studying and experimenting with different forms of relationships such as polyamory.

The deep realizations and growth he had during this period made him leave his old life as a programmer and dedicate his life to helping others remove the guilt and shame around their sexuality and empower themselves to live the life they dream.”

“To be masculine is to really have a purpose or direction. A man without a purpose or direction is going to feel depressed, weak, lost…”

Join us for a discussion about why healing guilt and shame around sexuality leads to breakthroughs and transformations and what roles do men and women play in this process. Here are the details of our conversation:

  • What does Brett find attractive in women
  • Brett’s thoughts on Russian women
  • Experiences with BDSM
  • Tantra & sacred sexuality for men
  • Why some men have guilt and shame around their sexuality
  • Four core principles of masculinity
  • How can women help men go through sexual transformations
  • And a lot more…


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Tools & Resources Mentioned

People/Blogs to Follow

  • David Deida – David is an American author who writes about the sexual and spiritual relationship between men and women. His ten books have been published in 25 languages. He conducts spiritual growth and intimacy workshops and is one of the many founding associates at the Integral Institute.
  • Bruce Lyon – Bruce has been teaching in the area of esoteric wisdom, the tantric arts, cosmology and universal spirituality for over twenty years. He is the founder of Shamballa School and the author of many books. He established an esoteric school in New Zealand – Highden Temple.

Recommended Books

  • The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida – The mark of a true classic is that it becomes more relevant with the passage of time. Twenty years ago, David Deida wrote “The Way of the Superior Man” where he shares lessons on “how a man can grow spiritually while passionately tussling with the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire.” Today, men of all ages continue to struggle with these universal challenges, and the practical insights found in this book will help each one of us to give the gifts we were born to give.
  • The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover by David Deida – The secret to enlightenment and great sex is revealed to be one and the same in this groundbreaking manual for adventurous lovers. David Deida presents the ultimate collection of skills for opening to the physical, emotional, and spiritual rewards of intimate embrace.

  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams. Simple physical and psychological techniques that allow men to fulfill their dreams and women’s fantasies.


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