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November 8, 2018

#83 | Freely Feminine: How To Take Off Your Masks and Love with Wild Abandon with Carmina Becerra

About This Episode

Carmina Becerra is a TV host, speaker, and coach with roots in Mexico. She moved to Hollywood and got her “break” on Latin television as a TV host on Telemundo, Univision and Fox Sports en Espanol, interviewing stars like David Beckham, Coldplay, and Sofia Vergara. Carmina realized she wanted to make a deeper impact and co-founded Camera Ready, a training program that helps influencers prepare for being on camera and on stage by giving them the freedom to fully express themselves and overcome their insecurities and deeply held doubts.

“It was like my ‘career,’ to compare myself to other people, to make myself small.”

Join us for an open and vulnerable talk about the masks we wear and the freedom that comes with showing the world your authentic self. Carmina is a fiery Latina who has committed her life to helping people freely express themselves. From working in television to starting her own business to embracing her wild, feminine self in her marriage, she has opened herself up to the freedom that comes with embracing your strengths as a feminine woman.

“Femininity is an open fire.”

Carmina traces back her self-development journey through her family dynamics and relationships with men. The pain of living in a different city than her father as a teenager, the betrayal of having a long time boyfriend cheat on her, and the grace she found in her relationship with her husband– every experience taught her something new about love and brought her closer to a true understanding of her own soul and the strengths that she had that she had always thought were weaknesses. In marriage and in business, Carmina has learned that you don’t have to work like a man. Real success comes from recognizing the strengths that lie in femininity, creativity, and flexibility.

“There is no room in my life for anything that will sabotage my happiness.”

In this episode, Carmina shares her journey to shedding the masks she put on after years of trauma and unhealthy relationships, the freedom that has come from connecting to her feminine, wild self in her marriage, and her experiences in building a company while staying healthy, balanced, and in the flow of her creativity.

“Your healing, your freedom, your ownership of your power is available when you open up and allow everyone to see your soul and your heart.”


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