How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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July 1, 2021

#207 | Investing in Yourself, Taking Up Space and Getting Comfortable with Vulnerability – Client Roundtable with Nathalie, Sonia and Cristina.

About This Episode

This is a special episode recorded as a round table discussion with three participants of the CLAIMED group coaching program: Nathalie, Sonia and Cristina. Listen to the amazing changes they’ve made as a result of this program. Meet Sonia, a woman who used to fly men to see her, and had a man whisk her away on a dream trip to Puerto Rico! Learn how Nathalie got amazing dates with masculine doctors and lawyers where they talk about masculine-feminine polarity. Hear from Cristina, whose doctor even noticed something different about her: “It’s NOT just from eating more vegetables! You’re doing SOMETHING right!”

Here is what we talk about during this special happy hour:

  • How they broke through old relationships and patterns that led them to sign up for a Discovery Call and start making a change
  • “A-ha” moments that shifted how these women relate to themselves, and how they relate to men
  • Great dating stories – these women reveal the secret to creating a dating life full of fun, ease, and intention, and how they’re magnetizing masculine men to them
  • How their work in the CLAIMED program has enhanced other areas of their lives including personal relationships, career and creativity
  • Why you should invest in relationship coaching – to get where you want to go most efficiently, to get the support of a tight-knit community, and to prioritize yourself
  • And a lot more…


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  • The #1 reason successful women are still single and can’t attract a committed masculine man (hint: it’s not what you think)
  • How to break through the patterns of attracting unavailable or feminine men and find your blind spot so you start attracting the men you want
  • How to master the art of feminine/masculine polarity so you start feeling taken care of, claimed, and finally be able to let go of control
  • How to get out of the “get the guy” mindset and instead move into your full feminine self and have the guy get you
  • Uncover The Lie of Female Success that’s keeping you stuck, exhausted, and unfulfilled (in masculine energy all the time) so you can start living in freedom & joy
  • And much more…

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