How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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April 8, 2021

#195 | Moving Past Checking Boxes to Honesty and Intimacy With Men and Yourself – Client Story with Laura Elizabeth

About This Episode

Every single woman who joins my group coaching program CLAIMED brings a new perspective, a new backstory, and ultimately a new success story! Here is an interview with one of these women, Laura Elizabeth.

“I feel so much more like I stand strong in my decisions. Even if I look back and think, ‘Oh, I could have done it differently,’ I don’t beat myself up for it.”

Here is what I discuss with Laura:

  • How she moved on from her patterns of attracting feminine men
  • Learning to let go of exhaustion and pressure through a feminine embodiment practice
  • Working with her beliefs about achievement and self-worth
  • Separating decisions from outcomes in dating
  • Why she recommends signing up for a Discovery Call
  • And a lot more…


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  • How to break through the patterns of attracting unavailable or feminine men and find your blind spot so you start attracting the men you want
  • How to master the art of feminine/masculine polarity so you start feeling taken care of, claimed and finally be able to let go of control
  • How to get out of the “get the guy” mindset and instead move into your full feminine self and have the guy get you
  • Uncover The Lie of Female Success that’s keeping you stuck, exhausted and unfulfilled (in masculine energy all the time) so you can start living in freedom & joy
  • And much more…

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