How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Mastering Feminine/Masculine Polarity

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February 10, 2020

“I started attracting better men” – Jodi’s Story with Anna Rova

About This Episode

I’m always so inspired by the women I work with. Their results is what drives me forward to do this work. And so I’m proud to share this AMAZING success story about our work together from one of my clients – Jodi Ward.

Jodi came to me when she wasn’t attracting the men she wanted and wasn’t sure what’s her “blind spot” was and so after working together she has been able to attract better men, rediscover her worth and revamp beliefs about herself, men and relationships.

“I started attracting better men… Now it just feels easy, it feels like it just… flows.  The difference when a man is pursuing you and wanting to claim you versus not – is a night and day difference.”

Here is what we talk about with Jodi:

  • How did Jodi find my work
  • What motivated Jodi to sign up for coaching with me
  • Jodi’s blindspot that led her to repeat the pattern of attracting similar men
  • What were Jodi’s “aha” moments
  • How did Jodi start attracting better men that are ready to commit
  • Jodi’s awareness about her “inner girl” story
  • Why men are yearning for an equal feminine counterpart
  • What are Jodi’s results after coaching with me
  • Why Jodi recommends investing in coaching
  • And more…


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