How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Mastering Feminine/Masculine Polarity

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January 20, 2020

From Too Much Control & Lack of Trust to Letting Go & Freedom of Submission – Client Story with Anna Rova

About This Episode

An interview with one of my femininity & feminine embodiment coaching clients, Melanie W.

“What I discovered through coaching with you is that it’s really essential for women to get out of that really busy headspace often (at least a few times a day) and just to feel what is actually happening in your body.”

Here is what we talk with Melanie, a coaching client, about:

  • Melanie’s poetry inspired by our coaching journey
  • How Melanie found my work the “Let Him Lead” article
  • Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, desperate, and unmotivated before we started working together
  • Reasons why Melanie signed up for a Discovery Call & coaching
  • Some of her favorite “aha” moments during coaching:
    • Men like to take care of me
    • You don’t need to give a lot of love to get love in return
    • I’m like a butterfly – free to live my own life
  • Releasing control, letting go, more relaxed overall, creating polarity in the relationship after our coaching journey
  • Why would Melanie recommend working with me
  • And much more…


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