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October 7, 2019

Client Story: From Burned Out to Wholeness & Trust

About This Episode

This is a new segment of Girlskill podcast where I interview my coaching clients about our work together, their situation before and after coaching and the results they’ve seen in their life.

“I feel much more empowered… and really calm. And if I’m not calm, I know how to get to that place of calmness – which tools to use and I have to just listen to myself and connect to my inner knowing; trust that everything is really good… that I am whole as I am.”

Here is what we talk with Anna, a coaching client, about:

  • How she found my work
  • Reasons why Anna signed up for a Discovery Call with me
  • Reasons why Anna decided to sign up for coaching (twice!)
  • Some of the favorite “aha” moments during coaching
  • The incredible results that she’s seeing in her life
  • And much more…


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