How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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November 12, 2021

#224 | The Commitment Conversation & Why You Should Give Men Chances – Q&A with Anna Rova

About This Episode

Earlier this year, Anna did a series of live Q&As on Instagram where she popped in daily to answer your burning questions about dating.

This is one of those sessions and it’s jam-packed with juicy questions like:

When should you ask men if they are looking for something serious?

Is it worth spending time on apps chatting to guys you think you might not “vibe with” because of differences in political views, interests, etc? 

What’s the best way to tell a man we’ve been dating that we’re not into him without hurting his feelings?

Anna answers these and many more of your Qs about dating and men…

Here are more details about this episode:

  • Why having a full life that makes you happy is the most important thing when dating
  • The reason he should be bringing up the commitment conversation (and not you)
  • How to know if he is looking for something serious (without asking the question)
  • Why you need to stop approaching dating like it’s a job interview
  • The #1 thing masculine men want in a relationship (it’s not sex)
  • Why you should give men chances and not be too rigid in your “type”
  • The problem with judging someone you’ve only met on a dating app
  • And so much more…


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