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January 30, 2020

#139 | From Imprisonment to Healthy Masculinity & Sovereignty with Eldra Jackson III

About This Episode

“Eldra Jackson III is a spiritual warrior who lives a passion of ‘saving lives one circle at a time.’ After living most of his life devoid of emotions and coming face-to-face with the reality of dying behind bars, he came to a point of self-inquiry, seeking answers as to how his life had spiraled into a mass of destruction set upon self and others. From this point, the space was made to save his life.

During his time in prison, Jackson was immersed in a deep culture of toxic masculinity. After joining a gang at 14, Jackson learned how to behave in a hyper masculine way from older gang members. After participating in Inside Circle, a men’s group within his prison aiming to help prisoners put in “the work” to look back on the decisions they’ve made and the mindsets behind the decisions. His participation in Inside Circle helped Jackson turn his life around.

Today, Jackson works to bring his spiritual medicine into the world while simultaneously guiding others to tap into their own internal salve and help identify wounds. Through his intensive awareness work, he is on a mission to show the world what’s possible as each person does their own internal examination to begin the path towards emotional and psychic health.”

“I can find ways to collaborate with you in your womanhood, in your femininity, in your power. That doesn’t take away from my masculinity; that doesn’t take away from you being a woman, you being powerful, you being a queen… That does not mean that I’m not a king; it does not mean that I’m not a man.”

Join us for a conversation about how Eldra regained sovereignty as a man after being imprisoned for twenty years by using self development to manifest healthy masculinity and to access the King archetype. Here are the details of our conversation:

  • What does Eldra find attractive in a woman?
  • What is his biggest fear?
  • What is his purpose?
  • The message of “The Work” (documentary on group healing incentives for incarcerated men in New Folsom Prison)
  • Why hurt people hurt people
  • Accessing King & Queen archetypes as versions of masculine/feminine energies
  • Manifestations of healthy masculinity and sovereignty
  • Solution to deal with trauma and unresolved dark places for men
  • How fatherhood has affected Eldra
  • Where do men fit in today’s feminism?
  • Eldra’s message to women
  • And a lot more…


  • Inside circle – Eldra’s organization that aims to reduce violence inside and outside of prisons and reduce recidivism rates
  • “How I unlearned dangerous lessons about masculinity”–  Eldra’s Ted Talk
  • “The Work” – Documentary about Folsom State Prison initiative to assist convicts with recovery:  a group of volunteers lead convicts through four days of intensive group therapy, revealing an intimate and powerful portrait of authentic human transformation that transcends what we think of as rehabilitation

Tools & Resources Mentioned

People/Blogs to Follow

  • Byron Katie – an American speaker and author who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as “The Work of Byron Katie” or simply as “The Work”

Recommended Books

  • Loving What is: How Four Questions can Change Your Life by Byron Katie –  Introducing an innovative four-pronged approach to self-liberation, this intriguing guide shows how to dissolve the debilitating stories we tell ourselves, which in turn allows the truth of “what is” to give rise to a life of new fulfillment and happiness.  Katie has developed a simple method of self-inquiry that she calls The Work, four simple questions that allow you to see the problems that are troubling you in a whole new light.
  • Of Water and Spirit: Ritual Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman by Malidoma Patrice Somé – Born in West Africa in the early 1950s, Somé was kidnapped at age four by a French Jesuit missionary to be trained as a priest, for the next 15 years enduring the harsh regimen of a seminary where his native language and tribal traditions were systematically suppressed. At age 20 he escaped, but when he returned to his Dugara people in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) they rejected him as an outsider. To reconnect with his native culture, Somé underwent a month-long initiation into shamanism during which he reports that he journeyed to the underworld, became a bird, then a porcupine, and was buried alive.
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