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December 30, 2021

#231 | Balancing Your Feminine/Masculine Energies and Why Men Have Not “Got It Better” – Q&A with Anna Rova


About This Episode

Earlier this year, Anna asked women in the Claimed community, “What is your biggest challenge in dating?” Then she answered the questions that came in.

Here is what she talks about in this episode:

  • Why “learning to be patient” in dating is not a real issue (and what the problem actually is)
  • Balancing your feminine/masculine energies as a single woman (and why being in your feminine doesn’t mean losing your masculine)
  • Remembering there’s another side of the coin (and understanding that men have not “got it better”)
  • Getting back on the dating scene after a divorce (and how focusing on you is the key to getting excited about dating again)
  • How marriage is different for men and women (and the reason “waiting for him to propose” is a bad idea)
  • And much more…


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