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August 12, 2021

#213 | From Friend Zone Princess to a “Waterfall” of Great Men – Client Story with Patrice Patrick

About This Episode

Every single woman who joins my group coaching program Claimed brings a new perspective, a new backstory, and ultimately a new success story! Here is an interview with one of these women, Patrice Patrick.

“I felt like I was pushing so hard to get somebody to love me… My whole life is now flipped upside down in the best way.”

Here is what I discuss with Patrice:

  • Situationships: that limbo state so many women find themselves in where things are unclear with a man we develop an attachment to
  • Losing our femininity and feeling like our feminine essence is under attack
  • “How do you want to feel?” why this question changes everything and why putting language to what we want and have been afraid to admit is so important
  • The shift from reading relationship books and following coaches to actually doing the work
  • Taking that scary leap of making perhaps the biggest investment we’ve ever made in ourselves
  • How learning to lean back and surrender does more than just benefit our love lives, but our work lives as well
  • A-ha moments from the program and why she recommends signing up for a Discovery Call
  • And a lot more…
Photo credit: Imani Martin

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