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April 30, 2020

#146 | Masculine Challenges & Rites of Passage with Garth Brewin

About This Episode

“Garth is a speaker, writer, and rite of passage facilitator. He assists men in realizing the true strength of vulnerability and how much more powerful they become by owning who they are at their essence, so they can show up as the men they were destined to be. His goal is to create a world of open communication, understanding and support and inspire others to live a life of revival, not survival.”

“The villagers said: The women in our tribe stop us from taking too much; they stop us from over-hunting, over-farming in area because they are paying attention to all things all the time. They know when the right time is to pull back, whereas the men, the masculine, are going single focus; we are going to take it until it’s done. So the feminine comes and holds that space and pulls us back to keep us from destroying the world.”

Join us for a discussion about the challenges of modern manhood and how can we best serve our boys and young men to understand true masculinity and responsibility that comes with it. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

  • What Garth finds attractive in a woman
  • What do beards have to do with masculinity?
  • Why did Garth stay celibate for a year?
  • Garth’s revelations from a year of celibacy
  • In our modern society, what does a woman need a man for?
  • What are the rites of passage for men?
  • Are there rites of passage for women?
  • How can we assist boys into manhood
  • The challenges of manhood today
  • And a lot more…


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