How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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March 18, 2021

#192 | How to Trust Men Again with Anna Rova


About This Episode

Anna was inspired by one of her client’s story in her private Claimed group and decided to share her thoughts about trusting men.

Here is what this episode is about:

  • How trust issues with men are a beliefs issue
  • The consequences of judging men “guilty until proven innocent”
  • The alternative to judgment: the curiosity mindset
  • How to build trust over time
  • What’s at the root of toxic masculinity and how to deal with it
  • And much more…


Rewiring the Belief That You Can Never Depend On a Man So You Can Start Trusting Him Again


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  • How to break through the patterns of attracting unavailable or feminine men and find your blind spot so you start attracting the men you want
  • How to master the art of feminine/masculine polarity so you start feeling taken care of, claimed and finally be able to let go of control
  • How to get out of the “get the guy” mindset and instead move into your full feminine self and have the guy get you
  • Uncover The Lie of Female Success that’s keeping you stuck, exhausted and unfulfilled (in masculine energy all the time) so you can start living in freedom & joy
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