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April 16, 2020

#145 | Honoring Your Wild Feminine Heart and Your Desire to Be Penetrated with John Wineland

About This Episode

“John Wineland is a speaker, relationship coach and teacher guiding men and women in the practices of spiritual intimacy, sexual polarity and embodied masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity.

Known for his groundbreaking work with men, John travels world-wide teaching his vision of embodied men’s work and deep relational practice.  In 2014, he founded The New Men’s Work Project, which has attracted men from around the world looking to develop as leaders in their relationships and communities. The Project is committed to the staggering goal of creating 1000 men’s groups worldwide in the next ten years and has already supported trainings and groups throughout Europe and the U.S.  John’s clients include entrepreneurs, leading thinkers in the world of personal development and entertainment, Ted speakers and creative leaders in Hollywood.”

“The key for a woman to drop into her feminine is getting in touch with the pleasure in her body and the yearning in her heart. So the part of her that is longing to be known, or met, or fucked deeply by a masculine man… finding a way to connect to that deep ache and yearning to be seen, known, met, taken,  – that’s the first piece of advice I would give a woman wanting to connect to her feminine and attract a more masculine partner.”

Join us for a discussion about how to reconnect and return to our essence by accepting and honoring our deepest desires (including the desire to be penetrated) and how to cultivate both the sacred feminine and masculine within us. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

  • What John finds attractive in a woman
  • Current gender climate’s effect on our relationships
  • Cultivating sacred masculine energy to protect the feminine within us
  • The yoga of femininity/masculinity
  • How do you know if you are a feminine essence woman?
  • The physical and metaphorical desire to be penetrated
  • Returning home to your essence
  • The simple truth about our desire to be penetrated
  • Our nervous system and our relationships
  • What do men crave?
  • John’s recommendations on how to get juicy
  • And a lot more…



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