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March 14, 2019

#96 | Tam Tong Tu Duc: A Journey of a Vietnamese Woman to Success with June Bui

About This Episode

June’s story is why the Girlskill Podcast exists. It’s raw, vulnerable and it’s about you and me. It’s an average story of a not-so-average girl who grew up in Vietnam, has broken all the limitations and got out of the mental and cultural prison to build the life she wants to live.

Visual designer and illustrator, June Bui is building a team of awesome designers, developers and communicators to create a design agency helping people with big dreams gain clarity in their work, show up as who they are and communicate with their audience effectively through visual design. June is designing and building websites while developing her coaching career on the side.

Join us for a conversation about the role of women in Vietnamese culture, breaking out of the mental prison and living in alignment. June and I also talk about:

  • How does alignment with life feel like
  • Suppressing her creative gifts for 27 years and the story of breaking through
  • Growing up in Vietnam and the influences of Taoism and Confucianism in the culture
  • Tam Tong Tu Duc: the four rules by which Vietnamese women abide
  • The value (or its lack) of women in Vietnam
  • Expressing love in different cultures
  • June’s moments of transformation and breaking out of the mental prison
  • 3 stages of surrendering to life:
    1. Letting go of the past
    2. Redefining your true identity
    3. Allowing life to happen
  • How language can rewire your brain
  • The beauty of finding peace and acceptance with your own story



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