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January 17, 2019

#88 | Plus-Size Fashion, Ending the Cycle of Body-Shaming (and Maybe Curing Thigh Chafing Along the Way) with Katie Sturino

About This Episode

“Katie Sturino is a size 12(ish) New Yorker who believes great style can look chic at any size. She started to introduce girls like her who wear sizes 12-18 to fashion-forward brands across extended and plus sizes. As the “momager” of her celebrity dog, Toast and founder of the fashion PR agency, Tinder PR, Katie brings a unique personal style and insider access to the plus size fashion space. She is passionate about brands that value quality and sophisticated style over fast fashion and has been featured in numerous publications like Glamour Magazine, the Man Repeller and Refinery 29 since launching in Spring 2015.”

“When you are plus-sized, you don’t get to buy what you love, you have to walk into a store and buy what will fit.”

Join us for a conversation about loving the body you are in, the joys of being a happy workaholic, and the unspoken perils of thigh chafing.

“I released the idea that I was supposed to be something else, and accepted the fact that this is my body, and it was through that process that I was able to heal myself.”

Katie Sturino loves her body, and it is hard to talk to her without some of her confidence wearing off. After college, she moved to NYC with no friends or connections, worked jobs at Dolce and Gabana and Chanel, and eventually quit to start her own business. After she did a piece for the Man Repeller on dressing plus-sized bodies, she saw that women of all sizes were really responding to her message. Now, she spends her time promoting body positivity, encouraging brands to expand into the plus-sized market, and making healthy, useful, beauty products for women.

“The imagery that we see tells us that there is one type of attractiveness, one type of goal of beauty, and everything outside of that is seen as a failure.”

In this episode, Katie shares her views on the cycle of punishment that women of all-sizes subject themselves to, the ways she deals with online haters and her plans for her growing businesses. Katie will also share how she left the corporate fashion industry and the work that still needs to be done in fashion and media.

“At the end of the day, I like me. And when you like you, and you live by what you feel and what makes you happy, then life is always a bit exciting.”


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