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November 23, 2017

#10 | Converting to Islam Before Marriage and Risking Judgement and Denunciation with Liubov Shlapai

Imagine being faced with a personal decision that you know so many will judge you for and even consider you a traitor. This is kind of what happened On Liubov’s wedding when her Christian grandmother had given her a necklace with a cross (symbol of Christianity.)

Liubov converted to Islam before marrying her Muslim boyfriend who she had been dating for five years. She says that this was the most important decision of her life. After starting to learn the Arabic language she understood more and more the underlining principles and beliefs of Islam. She says there are many things that are connected to cultural aspects so she learned to separate the two.

Join us for a controversial discussion on Liubov’s decision to convert to Islam and the reasoning behind it. She takes us through her discovery and exploration of Koran and the fundamental principles of life, marriage and pretty much everything else explained in this sacred text. She also shares how her friends and family reacted to her decision as well as how her husband’s family is still getting used to her as a new member of the family.

Liubov shares her views on her role as a wife and explains how her happiness is the #1 priority for her husband. She talks about her joy of being a mother and how embracing motherhood fully is her mission at this point.

Quotes from this episode:

“Converting to Islam was the biggest lesson of my life.”

“Protection doesn’t make you weak. You give the man in your life a chance to practice his strength. It’s in his genes. And it makes him happy that he brings something to the table.”

“I want to enjoy being a mother; I don’t want to miss this. I feel I completed my mission of being a woman. If my husband is able to care for me, I want to be home. I have plenty of time for career success.”

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