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February 14, 2019

#92 | Overcoming the Victim Mindset and Sexual Trauma Through Tantric Modalities with Naomi Pereira

About This Episode

Naomi Pereira is a Hatha yoga teacher, an energy medicine practitioner, and an expert in Tantric philosophy. With almost a decade of experience in meditating and exploring healing modalities, Naomi is a powerful force of spiritual guidance, especially for women who are dealing with the aftermath of sexual violence and trauma.

“Femininity is a constant state of flux, flow, and change. As women, we effortlessly move between roles–caretaker, wife, mother, lover, wise sage.”

Join us for an honest conversation about victimhood, power, sex, and the uncomfortable, and beautiful, places that they intersect.

Naomi’s journey began when she was nine years old. She was sexually abused by her brother, and the abuse continued into her teenage years. She left home and backpacked around the world for almost a decade, and when she was 31, she was again the victim of a sexual attack by the same brother who has since passed away. The episode left her mentally and emotionally shattered. She suffered from PTSD, insomnia, suicidal ideation, and hallucinations. Something needed to change. She started on a journey into her own victimhood, finding the source of her power, and connecting to her body and sexual energy through meditation and Tantric modalities.

“The trauma led me to the extreme; it put me on the edge. I did everything I shouldn’t have done. I felt like I had nothing left to lose.”

In this episode, Naomi shares her experiences with forgiving her brother and herself, her insight into the spiritual blocks that trauma can cause and what we can do to tear down the walls we have built. Naomi’s experience of harnessing her sexual energy through Tantra has helped her heal and build a strong relationship with herself and others.

“Success is turning something that was once ugly and debilitating into something that is a springboard for evolution into a whole new world of awareness, consciousness, joy, and pleasure.”


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