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December 9, 2019

Q&A: When to choose a man over a career & the pattern of men walking away easily

About This Episode

Welcome to the special Q&A episode! In this episode, I provide feedback, insights, and thoughts to these 2 questions that came in from listeners/subscribers and followers:

Question 1:

“But what if I’m scared of how a man can fall in love with a woman and then let her go so easily.  It felt like that with my marriage too. The situations were vastly different, but the feelings are similar. That feeling of being easy to walk away from. But what I want to know is how men can walk away so easily? Or seem to. Am I just finding the wrong kind of man?  Did I ruin something that was great?  How can I even know?  And how do I move forward with someone new when my heart still feels like there is another chapter with this man?  I have desperately been trying to get over him.”

Question 2:

“I am a young woman (23) and I am struggling to discover the career I want while balancing my spiritual, creative feminine force. I feel like I have gone in and out of periods of being in my feminine, but since this new chapter in my life as a recent graduate, I feel so lost and out of touch. I am in this relationship with an amazing, masculine man who takes care of me, loves me, and is just all-around wonderful. We are currently long distance and I know I could easily move nearby (or with him if he wasn’t still in school) and really start a life with him. However, it may mean sacrificing goals and dreams of mine if I choose to get so serious that I follow him around as continues on his path of becoming a veterinarian. I have always seized opportunities that came my way without forcing it, but now I feel like I don’t know how to do that and I don’t want to be a side character in someone else’s stories. As a devout listener to the podcast I resonate with the overall message, but sometimes have a hard time understanding certain messages because of negative experiences with men. I always was a feminine girl and person, but in my experience, the men in my life wanted to reduce the power and meaning of such type of women as the “helper” who is there for his need. I want to reconnect with my feminine and remind myself of the strength and power that is uniquely femininity.”

If you have any questions and would like my feedback, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll make sure to reply!

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