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February 20, 2019

#93 | Just Add Color: Connecting To Your Inner Child and Making Time For Your Art with Sami Sparrow

About This Episode

“Sydney-based artist Sami Sparrow was born with a crayon in her hand. After completing her fine and visual arts degree, Sami Sparrow found her creative home at Dinosaur Designs, where her art was nurtured and refined. She has continued to pursue her passion and explore her abundant creativity across illustrations, clothing, painting, and hand-stitched drawings. Inspired by design, bold colors, graffiti, bygone eras, and pop culture, for Sami, the sky is never the limit.”

Join us for a conversation about connecting to your inner child, finding a bit of old-world glamour, and finding the courage to say yes (even when you have no idea what you are doing).

“You really need to learn to embrace what you are doing and be your own biggest cheerleader.”

Sami Sparrow has worked as a retail worker, a packager at a warehouse, and an assistant to a CEO–but through everything, she has always been an artist. Her wildly popular coloring books were created from lunchtime doodles and drawings she made for stress relief. Her drawings help adults everywhere connect to their inner child, release their pain and stress through creativity, and spread love and positivity to those they love through color.

“Once I started creating again, I fell back into myself, and the more I created, the less stressed I felt. I felt right again.”

In this episode, Sami shares the redemption she found in a bouncy house at a child’s birthday party, the power of taking the time to focus on what makes you feel confident and beautiful, the pain that can come from denying your creative, feminine essence, and the struggle of having a spouse in the military.


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