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March 7, 2019

#95 | Anthropology of Health: Discovering Your Own Course for Living in Optimum Wellness with Sarah Duignan

About This Episode

“Host and creator of AnthroDish, Sarah is a PhD candidate at McMaster University, specializing in the anthropology of health. Sarah focuses on looking at research issues through a biocultural lens, meaning she likes to think about all the ways in which society, culture, environment, biology, economy, politics, etc. can inform the way people interact and behave with each other. On her podcast Sarah talks about the connections between food, culture, and identity using an anthropological lens.”

“What we put into our body as food literally also helps us have that gut instinct about what we’re eating and what we’re doing.”

Join us for a discussion of how culture, food, and identity come together and how we can use it to live in optimum health. Here is what we talk about:

  • What is health anthropology and what influenced Sarah to go into anthropology
  • Sarah’s views on women’s bodies and food from the contemporary cultural and political perspective
  • The journey of excavating skeletons in Nova Scotia and Belize and telling stories of the dead in a respectful way
  • Women’s bodies not being properly researched and explored throughout history
  • The concept of “biocitizens” and how it influences modern women
  • Shifting beauty ideals around the world
  • Media influence vs healthy habits surrounding body issues
  • Influence of culture and social media in health and body image
  • How to choose your own course of living in optimum health
  • Current shifts in food culture
  • The connection between food and gut instinct
  • Beyond the anthropology field – what the future holds


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