How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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February 11, 2021

#187 | When Men Are Your Toys: From Man-Eater to Finding Your True Self with Sarah H.

About This Episode

Sarah H. is a yoga and meditation teacher, yoni massage practitioner and feminine power leader. She is the founder of The Sacred Rebels Collective, whose mission is to help women heal through pleasure.

At a young age Sarah became adept at using her sexuality to manipulate men. In strip clubs and bachelor parties, she “cracked their code” to wield seductive power over men in way that eventually turned destructive. Sarah experienced a transformative journey out from the shadow side of toxic femininity. She now shares the insights she gained into how men think, the power women possess, and how all attraction originates from inside ourselves.

“If a man had sex dangled in front of his face, he would lose everything, just for that moment of pleasure…but all of these games and all of these things men played on us, I played on them.”

Join us for a discussion about the light and dark side of feminine power, the role of embodied beliefs in attraction and seduction, and the importance connecting to your own body and sexuality. Here are the details of this episode:

  • What men REALLY want, and the “method” of seduction that Sarah stumbled upon
  • An inside look at the shadow side of feminine sexuality
  • How beliefs are the key to attraction and seduction
  • How being present and detaching from expectation draws men into a woman’s orbit
  • The power of cultivating your personal sex life and intimate relationship with your body
  • Sarah’s journey from from ego-centered toxic femininity to authenticity and healing
  • The role of motherhood and mental health in Sarah’s transformation
  • And much more…


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