How to Start Attracting Committed Masculine Men by Releasing Control & Letting Him Lead

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November 18, 2021

#225 | Synchronicity, Femininity & Finding Great Men in Wild Places – Client Roundtable with Ashley, Alexis & Vee

About This Episode

Listen to three of our amazing Claimed clients share their journey to embracing femininity, opening to abundance and attracting great men.

Meet Ashley from Vermont, a woman who was stuck in a pattern of hook-ups and falling for emotionally unavailable men, and is now in an exclusive relationship with a committed masculine man who “treats her like a queen.” Learn how Alexis went from playing the “mother” role with men and resenting womanhood to learning how to let go of control and rest in her femininity. Hear from Vee who had done a lot of therapy but needed help to embody what she “knew” in her head.

Join us for some honest “girl-talk” about:

  • The power of somatic therapy (working through the body) and opening to the joy of femininity
  • Finally putting words to what we want, releasing old storylines and fear-based beliefs
  • The power of having a feminine space and community where we feel safe to be vulnerable
  • How attracting great men starts with having a healthy relationship with ourselves as women
  • Why the Claimed program is an individual experience that you have to feel to understand
  • Their biggest “A-ha” moments and why they recommend signing up for a Discovery Call


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