Rediscover Your Femininity


with Anna Rova, Founder & Host of Girlskill Podcast

Session 1 – Tuesday, March 13

3PM London | 11AM New York | 8AM Los Angeles | 2AM (Wed.) Syd./Melb.

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Session 2 – Tuesday, March 13

9PM London | 5PM New York | 2PM Los Angeles |  8AM (Wed.) Syd./Melb.

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Here is what you will learn:

  • The true definition of femininity & how to use it to your own advantage so you can stop resisting your own nature
  • The concept of polarity & the dynamic between men and women so you know how to improve your relationships with men and the world
  • How to connect to your femininity – practical things you can do today so you embrace that wild woman & start living in joy and freedom

About Anna & Girlskill:

I’m the founder and host of the Girlskill Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast that provides women with the inspiration, tools and resources to embrace their wild, feminine nature so that they can live a life of freedom, joy and creativity.

I am on a mission to redefine female success and femininity. I’m here to ask questions and have real conversations with real women about life, love, sex, success and everything else around it.
Girlskill is an online platform, publication and podcast for women who are looking for less but better. Femininity is power and female success is a deeply personal journey for each and every one of us.

A former email marketer, I love being on stage sharing my knowledge on relationship dynamics, feminine/masculine energy and the power. I believe in creating a thriving community of conscious and awakened women through providing inspiration, tools and resources that will help us all build a better, more sustainable world. I had also founded ManInside Show – a podcast about men where I’ve interviewed John Gray – best selling author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

Together with my husband, I have travelled the world being on the road full-time writing my personal blog, recording podcast episodes with incredible women for the Girlskill Podcast, practicing yoga and spreading love and positivity. I am passionate about yoga, personal growth and spirituality, fashion design and writing fiction.

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