Working with real women to real success & womanhood.

I’m here to help you find your own path to your version of success. To depth, freedom and flow. Because I know this stuff is magical. I have seen it transform my life and the life of women I’ve worked with.

Are you ready to take your femininity to the next level?

“I loved Anna's direct, yet open approach. I would recommend Anna's coaching to all women who desire a refreshing perspective and the opportunity to drop into the body with safety and support. I was feeling tense, resentful and frustrated prior to my session with Anna. She supported me to clear stagnant energy from my body and allowed me to perceive my situation through a new helpful lens. Our session gave me a powerful reminder of the possibilities for growth and change, even when feeling stuck and helpless. I had the tools and encouragement I needed to move forward.”
Anna is very direct and clear. And I REALLY appreciate that. I do not like sugar coating and Anna's style of coaching is exactly what I like. I was not clear on a very important part of my life and after our session I felt like I left with clear direction and an action plan. I am very much in my feminine energy myself so I appreciate when my coach holds the space and is clear and strong. A big realization [happened] around my relationship to money and how to charge for my services. This realization has left me with a bigger self-esteem, clarity around pricing and offering and has helped me bring in more clients. THANK YOU ANNA!!!”
“When Anna’s email invitation to engage in a 1:1 discovery call arrived in my Inbox, I literally had nothing to lose. (I had already been listening to the Girlskill podcast for several months and I was drawn to her pragmatic style when talking about ethereal concepts, which are often central to her interviews.) It didn’t take much to convince myself that working with her would be life-altering — in fact, if you’re in search of a motive to change your life, look no further."

Are you ready to take your femininity to the next level?

“I think the biggest ‘Aha’ moments were how easy it is to really get what I want by doing less. I was the masculine in my relationship, and through the whole program I have shedded that identity little by little. It feels great!!! My sex life is even better.”

MONICACalifornia, usa

“I knew what masculinity meant but never had it described the way Anna did. It resonated with me in a deeper way and opened me up to see my relationships with my son and husband differently. I can now allow my husband to express his masculinity from a place of appreciation rather than competition.”

JenniferConnecticut, usa

“I had a very insightful moment on how patterns tend to repeat themselves down the family line and how softening and embracing femininity and gentleness can help release the bind of these patterns.”

JeneaneOhio, usa

“Anna has a powerful way of gently and profoundly guiding her clients into the deeper nature of what's really standing in their way. If you’re seeking an activating & supportive guide I'd highly recommend coaching with Anna.”
Jenna Ward
I felt like I hit jackpot in my search for what it means to be feminine, and understanding men. After Anna gave me her insights, I realized that the place to start is with myself -- to focus on becoming a whole person who is loved, secure, and sure with myself. I had previously thought of starting at different layers, but not the most important layer, my core -- myself without a man or anyone else. Anna also helped me realize that I have a feminine essence and feminine desires and that I could have and attract what I ultimately want in life -- to be comfortable and confident in my sensuality and a husband that can lead me. Whatever you think Anna can help you with, she will get to the root of what you are trying to find, and provide helpful insight if you're open to it!”
“Anna, thank you for your time and your care and to give me some tools to accept myself more, tune into my body and to rediscover my inner child. You let me experience feelings and nudge me into the direction that I want create my life on my own terms with more confidence. I will continue my journey with you to take it to the next level. I really like how kind and professional you are. Each session you gave me the space to just let my emotions unfold and taught me how to accept and love myself more.”

“I was really doubting myself and not very clear on my direction and Anna came in there and gave me a great big push and she coached me to the point where I feel I am right now in tune with what it is I want to do with my life. What I really resonated with was her true great innate desire to help women to the point where they could see how they could help themselves. I also love the fact that she really really is in tune with a lot of resources and how those resources can help others. I am really grateful to her and I highly recommend working with her.

Naomi Pereira, Transcending Trauma coach

Are you ready to take your femininity to the next level?

“I liked the coaching session with Anna because it made me think of situations from a perspective I haven’t even considered. Anna asks all the right questions; she doesn’t take sides but guides you towards knowing what’s the true answer for you. After talking to Anna and doing exercises I felt a relief knowing that all the answers are within me and I was getting closer to accessing the unbelievable resources and knowledge of my own body. The biggest realization to me is understanding that being strong does not always equate to not letting yourself feel the pain.
OLga Scacun
“I got a chance to watch your webinar a few days ago and it put together so many things that I never understood before about why things weren’t workin… I’ve also been struggling to just do, provide, and achieve and succeed full-on like you talked about in the webinar and when I felt that there is another way I felt lightness just thinking about it. The webinar was really life-changing for me, so thank you so much for the work you do, it is so needed.
Anna wickham
sales representative
“I loved my sessions with Anna because she had thoroughly guided me in exploring all the swirls of my thoughts and emotions to process my truth in the situation around a work project. Once I landed in my truth I was able to easily map out my next steps and get into the doing. Before the session I was feeling anxious, unsure, frustrated and upset because I wasn’t standing in my power. After the session I felt lighter, more joyful and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
siobhan barnes
Female embodiment & Career Coach

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