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Exclusive FREE training for modern women:
The Lie of Female Success & How It's Keeping You Stuck, Unfulfilled & Drained
Redefining Femininity, Work & Play with Anna Rova
  •  The Modern Female Epidemic that’s keeping women confined, unhappy & unfulfilled
  •  Where the Journey to Success actually begins & how did we all get here
  •  The Essential Forgotten Element to any woman’s “successful life”
  •  The Secret to Attracting, Sustaining & Magnifying the relationship that you want
  •  The True Power & Definition of femininity & masculinity
  •  The #1 Reason for Feeling Numb, stuck in your head & sensually asleep 
100% free - Next class is starting TODAY!
Hi, I'm Anna. 

I'm on a mission to redefine female success. 

In this training I will share with you how I went from being numb, disconnected, anxious, constantly in a hurry and trying to “do it all” to:

- Being deeply connected to myself as a woman, understanding what true femininity is, embracing my feminine cycle, being more relaxed and joyful

- Traveling the world, rediscovering my own version of success and doing work that inspires and ignites me every day

- Understanding men, attracting & creating an amazing relationship with my husband and, ultimately, creating a family (currently pregnant)

- Reconnecting to my body, cultivating a sense of awareness & pleasure and feeling more without apologizing for it

- Making decisions from the heart, starting to do less, feeling alive and radiant 

- And finally, realizing that femininity is great power that is deeply misunderstood by the world and women themselves

I'll see you on the training!
Monica – California, USA

"I think the biggest 'aha' moments were how easy it is to really get what I want by doing less. I was the masculine in my relationship and through the program, I have shredded that identity little by little. It feels great!!! My sex life is even better."
Jennifer – Connecticut, USA

"I knew what masculinity meant but never had it described the way Anna did. It resonated with me in a deeper way and opened me up to see my relationships with my son and husband differently. I can allow my husband to express his masculinity from a place of appreciation rather than competition."
Jeneane – Ohio, USA

"I had a very insightful moment on how patterns tend to repeat themselves down the family line and how softening and embracing femininity and gentleness can help release the bind of these patterns."
100% free - Next class is starting TODAY!
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