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“I Started to Attract Better Men!”

“My experience before coaching with Anna was mostly my frustration with men. I seemed to have developed a pattern of unavailable men and I feel this had shifted since the coaching - I am more available for myself as a result. It seems the more emotionally available I am, the more emotionally available men I attract who are comfortable with my vulnerability. Some of my aha moments had to do with my beliefs about my worth being attached to my achievements and how much I could produce. Since the coaching with Anna I have become more “at home”with my inherent worth vs external validation of it. Grateful for the experience I had!”
JodI Ward
Feminine Embodiment Mentor

“Secret Sisterhood to Embody Your Feminine Soul!”

“Before the coaching sessions with Anna I felt out of sync with my natural state. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but I was so tired of constantly being switched on and having to 'do it all'. Being there for everyone, caring for everyone, loving everyone. And doing all this with even more dedication towards my partner. Today I feel more freedom to live my own life and take care of my own needs before helping everyone in my direct surroundings. And as a nice cherry on top of the cake, I feel more feminine, sexy and spiritually connected. I would recommend coaching with Anna as she guides you during the sessions to feel instead of think. And it is in this feeling and 'being' that the hidden powers of your soul can be unpacked so that you can show up living in sync with your authentic self."
Melanie Wessesls
Senior agile coach
“What has really changed for me since I started working with Anna is that instead of concentrating on the qualities of a “perfect man,” I think a lot about how I want to feel around a guy. This has really shifted my perspective. A man can have all the right qualities and bonus points, but if you don’t feel the way you want to feel, then it is not the right one for you. I also learnt to listen more to myself. As a result I am a more confident woman. What has really worked for me is letting a man showcase his masculine qualities.”
Olga Scacun
“Sessions with Anna are brilliant. Her laser-focused style moved me the core of matters with ease and efficiency - perfect for the modern woman who has passion and ambition. During our sessions, I was guided to truths and golden nuggets of inner wisdom and sheer joy that were otherwise hidden. Working with Anna has given me the clarity, direction and invaluable momentum needed for powerful personal and professional changes that have brought so much freedom and lightness."
“I loved my sessions with Anna because she had thoroughly guided me in exploring all the swirls of my thoughts and emotions to process my truth in the situation around a work project. Once I landed in my truth I was able to easily map out my next steps and get into the doing. Before the session I was feeling anxious, unsure, frustrated and upset because I wasn’t standing in my power. After the session I felt lighter, more joyful and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
siobhan barnes
Female embodiment & Career Coach,
Hong Kong

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